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Edge & Internet Explorer have produced inconsistent & slow results, Chrome and Firefox are the the preferred browsers.  Intermittent and slow internet connections will affect the speed and functionality of our builder.  

Do not include an apostrophe or other special characters when you name/save your designs.

You may want to start with a template that has a background you like and then substitute the main design with a clipart design found in ART.  Make sure you can delete the team name (for example) before you begin (since you are able to with some templates and not others).

To change colors, click on an object and change the colors to the right.  

Once you click on a template, click on the PRODUCT icon to change backgrounds. (If you want to delete something that is part of the background, you will need to choose a different background).  

Once you click on a template, click on the ? icon (bottom left) for the complete design studio guide. (This is user friendly and will save you time!)  

Once you click on a template, find/click on these icons. (These are the basics).
Click HERE to view the Full Design Tool Guide.

Don't forget to click on the save icon to save your designs!

If you can't find the design you want, please contact us and we will help you.  

Our printers will not print true fluorescent colors, but we will do our best to print as bright as possible.