Teardrop / Feather Flag Setup


1. This will show you how to setup your Teardrop or Feather Flag. Both use the same hardware.

2.The package will contain four hardware poles that need assembly

3. Take the two smallest poles and connect them. They will slide into each other. The one with the little knob is the top pole.

4. Take the next size up hardware pole and attach it to the two poles you already connected.

5. Finally attached the final and largest pole to the others to complete the pole hardwre. 6. Slide the pole into the bottom pocket of the flag 7. Then slide it all the way through to the top of the printed flag. 8. Attach the completed pole / flag onto the base you have purchaed.

9. The bottom of the flag print will have a loop. and the bottom pole will have a bungee cord. Thread the bungee cord through the loop. 10. Then thread the bungee cord through the metal ring of the pole. 11. Now tie and knot the bungee tightly to secure the printed flag to the hardware pole. Your flag is now ready.