Welcome To Our League Fundraising Network!

How Does It Work?

FASteambanners has designed a referral program so you can earn $$$ by promoting our website through the use of a banner ad that you place on a website, Facebook or Twitter page, blog, etc.  The banner ad has a link to our website. We provide you with the banner ad and link. You earn 10% of net sales that originate from your banner ad and once you accumulate a balance of $50, your commissions are paid to your Paypal account.  If you don’t have a Paypal account, it is easy to set one up.

Another great feature of this program is that coaches, parents, players, friends, etc. can also place the link on THEIR website, blog, Facebook and Twitter pages to earn more $$$ for you or your league.

Earnings potential

Our affiliate program offers you an unlimited level of earnings potential. The more visitors you refer, the more you will earn.  There is no earnings cap.

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting!

All clicks and sales are fully recorded by our program including full earnings and sales breakdown. Login 24 hours a day to check your sales, traffic and account balance.

Print these instructions to help you complete the MY PROGRAMS and BANNERS & LINKS sections after you click on the Signup tab to the left.  Signing up only creates an account which allows you to see the banner ads & links, etc.  The program is not effective until you put the source code into your website/forum. If you decide not to signup, you just have an unused account.


Name your program (for your reference). If you want to set up another program later, you can.  (For example, you might want to set up a program with a banner ad on your league’s website and a different program with a banner ad on your league’s Facebook page, so you can track the commissions earned separately).


AFFILIATE LINK – Skip this section. Do not fill in any links.


Pick the banner ad you like to add to your website, forum, blog, etc.  Once you select the banner ad you like, copy and paste the source code (which is BELOW the banner ad you like) into your website/forum.  Refresh your website page and you will see the banner ad (with the link embedded) on your website.  Check back later to see how your banner ad is doing/your commissions account balance!


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